"JAPANESE STYLE RESTAURANT" 13 restaurants in Shimoda.



Famous for our fresh, local and reasonably priced seafood.
A variety of seafood rice dishes as well as a large a la carte menu.
Conveniently located 7 minutes from the station along the banks of the Inouzawa River with plenty of parking.



Shimoda`s oldest and most renowned noodle restaurant.
● Since 1915, we have continued to adhere to the traditional practices of noodle making not
found in most Japanese noodle restaurants.
● Located 2 minutes from the station ( just look for the statue of the raccoon )



We are located at Bay Stage next to the fish market.
Shimoda’s number one choice for delicious and authentic kinmedai dishes.
The “tairyobata” or flag displayed in our restaurant is the same flag that fishing boats fly when they catch a lot of fish.